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Since 2003, we have worked with bands, independent artists, small businesses and corporations to bring their visions to life.

Rhonda Zayas Creative's vibrant history, and broad scope of projects, has allowed us to bring diversity to each realm. With every industry and niche market we have worked with, there is something new to be gleaned, allowing us to bring a very broad point-of-view, and truly out-of-the-box perspective to our clients.

The extremes of our reach, catering to various target markets and working with a variety of industries, truly gives our clients a unique and balanced formula for success. Understanding the needs and concerns of a local band with a limited budget is just as important as directing a speciality marketing campaign for a Fortune 500 client. Being able to take grassroots research and analysis from one of our successful musician campaigns, and bring that perspective to a large corporation, allows the "big guys" a chance to understand an oftentimes underserved demographic. In turn, taking the strategy from  a slick and polished campaign used to build momentum for a multi-million dollar business allows an independent artist access to insight they may have never considered, or thought was out of their league, for their organic marketing.

We look forward to sharing our insights with you!

Art direction and design for identity, marketing and user experience
Creative direction for Stage: performance, wardrobe & personal styling
Creative project management
Art direction and design for marketing collateral
Production design